Best Practices for Auto Attendants

Here in Western Canada, its important for a live person to answer the phone. After hours or when it not possible, Auto Attendant is the next best thing

"Thank you for calling Helia. If you know the extension of the person you are calling, dial it now. Otherwise, press 1 for server, 2 for...."

Auto attendants allow clients to reach the right person on their own and are an important part of delivering a professional telephone interaction with your customers.

The best practices for auto attendand are:

  • During business hours all inbound calls should go to a ring group of most if not all phones
  • If the call is not answered within 20 seconds, redirect to the auto attendant
  • Options for dialing extensions as well as options for service, administration and sales.
  • If the caller doesn't know who it should go to, send it to the voicemail box of the first extension (ie ext 100) as general voicemail

Managing your auto attendant in Jumbotel is easy to do. See the How To section for specific instructions and video.

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