Any organization that has (a) service team(s) or inbound sales team(s) should be making use of queues and JumboTel has them. Queues process new calls and directly them to the right person. In addition to the usual need of sending calls to phones, queues include reports so you can measure

  • how long customers are waiting before the calls are answered,
  • how many calls are hung-up by the caller before they're answered, and
  • how many calls each agent is handling
  • and more

Queues have the additional benefit of login/logout which controls whether new calls will end up on the phone. This is important for full time employees dedicated to customer on the phone when they need to take a break or need extra time to complete administrative paperwork. Login/logout improves work place satisfaction and makes the work place more efficient

Best Practices for Queues

For queues to be most effective, a dedicated phone number should be assigned to them. For instance, with organizations that have a dedicated service team, a dedicated number may be assigned for customers to reach the service team directly. Alteratively, callers can choose the service team using the general company auto attendant or by being transferred into the service team queue by any other person in the company.

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