Phone Call Recording

The call recording feature allows you to choose to record your calls for later review. This feature is optional, a service plan with call recording must be selected in order to active this feature for a specific User Account or Call Group.

Note: Call Groups recording is only for the inbound call. A user in a call group would be making the call from their User Account and so if you want to record their outbound calls they would need to have call recording enabled on their User Account as well.

Enabling call recording

On the “User Accounts” view you can select a “Service Plan” with the call recording feature. If you do not see a service plan with call recording, contact your sales person for pricing and availability.

Configuring Call Recording

An administrator can adjust the users setting for call recording via the “User Accounts” view, select the user to wish to modify, choose “Manage User Options” and select the “User” Option type… you should see this section (among all the other options) if the service plan with call recording is active.

These options allow you to control when call recording starts and what keys on the keypad to press to start/stop recording on command.

Reviewing Recordings

The PBX administrator access to all of the recorded calls. On this “Call Recording” tab they can play and download recordings.

note: The option “Recording Menu Admin View” option must be enabled for the administrator’s login to see this tab. By default it is enable for all admins on the domain.

Bulk Download

To download multiple records, click the checkbox on the right side for the recordings you wish to download and click the download button, the recording will be packed into a zip file and the download will start, the packing into a zip file might take a bit of time. There is a limit to the size of the bulk download, the system will warn you, select less files and try again.

Restricting access to recordings and settings

In some cases, you may wish to prevent users from reviewing or deleting recordings; or changing the recording settings. Each user can have their security permissions adjusted to restrict what they have access to. Select the User you wish to customize in the User Accounts view, then click on “Manage Security” and then click on “Manage Permissions”, you will then see the “Call Recording” security group category, select it and choose what you want to restrict and click update. For more detail about security permissions, see the “Manage Security” section of the PBX Admin Manual.

User Interface

After call recording is enabled by the administrator, the user has ability to adjust their individual settings via the “FEATURES” tab from the user’s login.

User access to their recorded calls is available from the user login under “Call Activity” dropdown menu and clicking the “Call Recording” option

Users have the ability to play any their recording as well as perform bulk operations to delete or download.

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