Phone Systems for Telus and Shaw Phone Lines

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Yeastar - The No-VoIP Phone System

As the industry transitions to VoIP based phone system, there is increasingly less and less availability of Non-VoIP systems that use Telus and Shaw Phone Lines.

Particularily in Alberta, there are many companies that have had a bad experience with VoIP or find that their internet quailty does not support VoIP. There are options. At HELIA we recommend the Yeastar phone system.

Supports 5 to 500 Phones

The Yeastar S-Series phone system supports companies with just a few phones up to organization that have up to 500 phones. Depending the size of your organization, there is an appropriate model for you.

Cost Effection T1 and Standard Phone Lines Suport

Whether you need digital T1 phone lines or analog FXO POTS lines, The Yeastar S-Series provides a cost effective solution. With T1 modules, FXO modules and even Cellular modules available to plug into the cabinet, there are no external data or power connections to cause a point of failure. The Yeastar phone system is very reliable.

Advanced Features Available Through App Center

Yeastar has included a App Center to extend the functionality of the S-Series phone system. This includes functionality for LDAP integration, special hotel features, auto provisioning and more. This ensures that you will not outgrow your system and that your Yeastar S-Series continues to grow with your organization.

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