Phone Conference Bridge

A conference bridge allows companies to save significantly on travel costs by connecting a large numbers of participants in a conference call. Such large scale collaborations also allows distributed or virtual teams to be created that can function across a wide geographical range. The use of VoIP to execute conferences makes it simple and affordable and allows access to a whole range of extra features without significant hassle.

This MeetMe phone conference bridge is a stand alone service that can be used independant of the Fairfire Hosted Phone System.

Wouldn't it be great if during a product launch, a Sales Manager could address all of his sales staff worldwide? The Meetme Conference Bridge makes this possible, enabling the Manager to communicate all relevant information during only ONE meeting. ONE meeting. The fact that conferencing allows easy interaction between participants, means that all questions and issues can be addressed directly and immediately, through all levels of a sales hierarchy.

The Meetme Conference Bridge provides a full range of conferencing capabilities, from simple spur-of-the-moment conferencing, to enterprise-class conferences with tens of users can be scheduled to work together with ease. The high-definition (HD) conferencing application is fully supported on existing network elements. No additional purchases are necessary, and provisioning and service administration is integrated into the platform. This allows service providers and enterprise managers to assign and manage conference features alongside those features already hosted by the PBX system.

MeetMe Conferencing Service Delivery Models

  • Large Company Multi Department Audio Conferencing allows administrators to create host accounts (bridge number, conference ID and moderator PIN) and distribute these to subscribers, often on a wallet card. Conferences can be configured to limit the number of participants.
  • HD Business Conferencing for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses lets SMB customers with HD-capable devices hold sales calls and other meetings while taking advantage of the highest quality voice communication available.
  • With Large-Scale Conferences and Webinars customers can conduct large-scale meetings and webinars allowing information to be transmitted uniformly in single events.

End-User Benefits

  • High Def Voice (G.722) – High-quality voice reduces meeting fatigue
  • Large Meeting Support – Capacity for tens of participants, avoids having to repeat important information.
  • Easier Scheduling – Microsoft Outlook add-on provides integrated scheduling options
  • Web-based Moderator Client – Moderators can login from anywhere to view and manage participants
  • Multiple Conference Types – Scheduled or on-demand conferencing is supported
  • Conference Recording – Integrated recording and retrieval
  • Easy to use interface – Fast navigation and instant editing

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