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Hosted PBX from HeliaVoice can help you save money and provides your business and its employees incredible flexibility. You can add or remove extensions in seconds and take calls wherever you like... at your desk, on your tablet or even your smartphone. Watch the video to learn more!

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Yeastar - The No-VoIP Phone System

As the industry transitions to VoIP based phone system, there is increasingly less and less availability of Non-VoIP systems that use Telus and Shaw Phone Lines.

Particularily in Alberta, there are many companies that have had a bad experience with VoIP or find that their internet quailty does not support VoIP. There are options. At HELIA we recommend the Yeastar phone system.

Supports 5 to 500 Phones

The Yeastar S-Series phone system supports companies with just a few phones up to organization that have up to 500 phones. Depending the size of your organization, there is an appropriate model for you.

Cost Effection T1 and Standard Phone Lines Suport

Whether you need digital T1 phone lines or analog FXO POTS lines, The Yeastar S-Series provides a cost effective solution. With T1 modules, FXO modules and even Cellular modules available to plug into the cabinet, there are no external data or power connections to cause a point of failure. The Yeastar phone system is very reliable.

Advanced Features Available Through App Center

Yeastar has included a App Center to extend the functionality of the S-Series phone system. This includes functionality for LDAP integration, special hotel features, auto provisioning and more. This ensures that you will not outgrow your system and that your Yeastar S-Series continues to grow with your organization.

Learn more about the Yeastar S-Series Phone System at

Exceptional Phone System Features User Web Portal An easy to use web portal for each user to review call logs, listen to and manage voicemail and change personal settings. Call Conference (3 Way Calling) Add another outgoing call to an already connected call. Call Forward Selectable options on forward always, forward on busy, when unanswered or when offline. You can also redirect calls to your mobile phone/ external phone number or a user inside your office. Call Hold Easily puts a call on hold while you answer another call. Call Logs Provides downloadable detailed call records by extension or by company. Call Screening Callers are required to record their name, and you get an audible option to accept/ decline. Call Transfer Transfer calls to another user or outside phone number. Call Blocking Block unwanted and/or anonymous callers. Caller ID and Name Display Know who is calling before you answer with name and number display. Caller ID Block Block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls. Click to Dial Users can click to dial numbers and return calls in call history from their User Web Portal. Do Not Disturb Callers go directly to voicemail when you don't want to be interrupted. Emergency Assistance (911) Set an address for individual extensions (users) or for your entire company so that responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency. Easy to use management portal for JumboTel Office Manager Web Portal A dedicated portal that lets you control all functions and features of your phone system. Find Me – Follow Me Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring all at the same time or in a sequence you define. Mobile Apps Tablet, smartphone and computer apps are available to allow dialing to and from these mobile devices from a WiFi or cellular network. On Demand Call Recording Records calls on your extension with simple keystrokes, record what you want, when you want. Company Call Recording Automatically record some or all company phone calls and save them securely. Multiple Devices You can register multiple devices for each extension. For example you could have your office phone, a softphone on your mobile device and another phone at your home and all could ring at the same time. Music and Messages on Hold Upload your customized recordings. We can also record your message for you. Ten-digit Dialing No need to dial 9 or even 1 to make a long distance call. Simultaneous Ring Same as Find Me - Follow Me, allows you to program many numbers where you can be called in a cascading or simultaneous order. Automated Attendant/ Virtual Receptionist Streamline efficiency with an Automated Attendant to answer and direct all your inbound calls. You can optionally configure to have live answer before the Automated Attendant kicks in. Incoming callers select options from a menu to reach the appropriate department or individual. • Different greetings for day or night • Holiday schedule and greetings • Dial by name directory • Transfer to external numbers automatically Time Frames Easy drag and drop scheduler to set your office hours and call routing. Voicemail Every user gets their own voicemail to securely check messages from the phone, or a website from anywhere in the world. Voicemail to Email Receive voicemail as an audio file attached to email. Can be played back on your smartphone. Also see optional Voicemail Transcription. Hunt Groups Calls can be forwarded to multiple users or telephone numbers that will ring all at the same time or in a sequence you define. For example, the sales or service team can be in a hunt group. Add-on Phone System Features Voicemail Transcription Have your voicemail messages emailed to you as written transcripts, with audio files attached. Easy to use management portal for JumboTel Contact Centre Supervisor and Agents Full Inbound Call Centre functions with call queuing/stacking and extensive reporting. Calls can also be routed by agent skill set. Greeting Changes Changes to your greetings are available. Fees apply to each order which could include single or multiple recording changes done at the same time. You can upload and record your own greetings at no charge anytime. Conference Calling Full web control and recording for inbound calling. Also add outbound called participants from the portal. Toll Free Number Add a new toll free number or let us move your existing toll free number. Toll Free numbers allow anyone in Canada and the US to reach you without the caller incurring any long distance charges. Local Numbers Keep your existing number(s) or pick from over 1,600 Canadian cities or towns. Portray a local presence in any additional market by publishing a local phone number in any area code. International and US cities are also available. Local numbers for remote employees Great for geo-targeted marketing campaigns Same functionality as Main Company Phone Number Paperless Internet Fax Easily send faxes via the web or email. Receive faxes via the Web or in your email as an easy-to-file-orforward PDF document. Read more...

For your convenience we've included the user manuals for JumboTel here on the site. It make it very easy to get the right information for getting the most out of your phone system.

In addition, we have placed all the user guide topics online, here on this site. Simply click on the How-To menu above to see all the topics

Video How To Guide

We also provide YouTube video training. Find information about JumboTel and How-To guides on our YouTube channel at

PDF User Guides Phone System User Guide For JumboTel JumboTel PDF User Guide

This is a full how-to manual for users of JumboTel

Phone System Admin Guide For JumboTel
JumboTel PDF Administration Guide

This is a full how-to administration manual for JumboTel


"Helia has been fabulous for us as a company. We have used them on five different projects now, and I am extremely impressed not only with the quality of the deliverables, but in some ways more importantly their can-do attitude and ability to implement our ideas when others thought them impossible.

I recommend them whole heartedly. Helia Technologies is a company that over-delivers on every aspect of the project at hand at a price point that is hard to beat.

Please email me if you have any questions about Helia Technologies."

Ryan Dockrill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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"I have collaborated with Darvin on several breakthroughs and forward-looking IT projects to which he ALWAYS came through with a solution where there appeared not to be as concepts were more advanced than current technologies.

His thought processes is methodical and detailed, approach is ethical and professional and solutions driven. He deliverers what he said he would, on time and on budget.

I would not hesitate to recommend Helia and Darvin for any scale of IT related projects. If he takes a project on he will not only do it but do it very well!"

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"We when use Helia they exceed our expected deliverables and always within our agreed to budget. They work with us, not just for us, all the while keeping our best interests as a company at the core of the project.

We had been looking for a company that not only could get the job done as promised, on time and on budget but one that came with integrity. Helia provides us with a “mean what you say and say what you mean” attitude that has forged a relationship, not just a contract for a project. Our partners at Helia far exceed our expectations each and every time. So if you’re thinking of using Helia, I would highly recommend you give them a try, I am sure you’ll be impressed. Please email me if you’d like some more insight into Helia.

Andrew Gowers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Canadian Powersports Group

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