Your Business Phone features various ways to move calls around, including attended transfer, unattended (blind) transfer, voicemail transfer, park, and more. In this section, references to BLFs (Busy Light Fields) refer to the 1-touch buttons to extensions common at front-desk phones.

Attended Transfer

Attended transfer allows you to speak to the transfer recipient prior to completing the transfer while the caller is on hold.

To perform an attended transfer

  1. Press the Transfer key/softkey on your phone.
  2. Dial the recipient's extension or press their BLF.
  3. Speak to the recipient, and then either press Transfer again to complete or cancel if the recipient cannot take the call.

Blind Transfer

Blind transfer goes straight to the recipient.

To blind transfer using Grandstream phones with older firmware

  1. Press Transfer.
  2. Press the Blind softkey. (if there is no Blind softkey see directions for new firmware)
  3. Enter the extension of the recipient or the recipient's BLF.

To blind transfer using Grandstream phones with newer firmware

  1. Press and hold the Transfer button.
  2. Select Blind from the on screen menu
  3. Enter the extension of the recipient or the recipient's BLF.

To blind transfer using Yealink phones

  1. Press Transfer.
  2. Dial the extension of the recipient
  3. Press Transfer.

Transfers to External Numbers

A transfer can also go to an external number such as a cell phone. Follow the transfer directions above but instead of dialing an extension, dial a 10 digit phone number.

Voicemail Transfer

Voicemail transfer goes straight to the recipient's voicemail box without ringing the recipient's phone.

To perform a voicemail transfer

  • Perform a blind transfer with a 03 prefix before the extension. For extension 111's voicemail, for example, blind transfer to 03111.
  • Park and Hold

    On your phone system, hold is a local function. This means a call held on your phone cannot be picked up at another station. Park is a system-wide function. This means a call parked at one phone may be picked up by any phone.

    To park a call

    1. Dial *** in an active call from any phone. The system says, "The call is parked at 7xx."
    2. Hang up.

    To retrieve the parked call, dial 7xx where xx is the number stated by the system.

    Directed Call Pickup

    Directed call pickup (DCP) allows you to answer a call ringing at another station.

    To perform a directed call pickup

    • Dial 07ext. If 111 is ringing, for example, dial 07111 to pick up that call.

    Phones with BLFs for that ringing station can also press the corresponding BLF.

    3-Way Conference

    To make a 3-way conference

    1. Call or be called by the first participant in the conference.
    2. Press the Conference key/softkey, and then dial the second participant.
    3. After the second participant picks up, press Conference again to connect everyone.

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