How To View Call History

The Call History page shows a log of all your extensions calls. It also provides tools to filter and export data.

The left side uses colour-coded icons to represent call status:

Moving your screen pointer over an icon displays a tooltip with the call status. For example:

You can click a number in the Number column dial back the number. Clicking the Refresh button updates the information shown on the page.

To display the Call History page, click the Call History icon at the top of the page:

The following figure shows an example of the Call History page. The sections following the figure describe the Filters and Export buttons.

Filtering the Call History

The Filters button allows you to filter the information displayed in the Call History page, so you can view only the information that interests you.

To filter the call history

  1. From the Call History page, click Filters.

  2. The Call History Filters page appears.
  3. Complete the fields in the Add Contact page (see Table 2‑6).
  4. Click Set Filters.

The Call History page appears, with only the items that match your criteria.

Table 2‑6. Fields in the Call History Filters Page

Field Description
Date Range To filter by a specified date range, click in the left field, and then select a starting date and time from the pop-up calendar (see Figure 2‑15). Click in the right field, and then select an ending date and time from the pop-up calendar.
Caller Number To filter by a caller number, enter the caller's number.
Dialed Number To filter by a dialed number, enter the dialed number.
Call Type To filter by type of call, select a call type.

Figure 2‑15. Selecting a Start Date from the Pop-up Calendar

Exporting the Call History Log

To export the call history log

  1. 1. From the Call History page, click Export.

    Depending on your browser, the history log is downloaded to your computer or you are prompted to save the log. The log is in comma-separated-value (CSV) format.

  2. 2. After downloading the log, you can open it using Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and other spreadsheet applications.