Internet Faxing is a must have service for any industry that still depends on faxes. Traditionally a physical fax machine with a dedicated fax line must be maintained. This is in-secure, expensive and inconvenient. With Internet faxing, faxes can be sent and received from any place you can send an email.

To send a fax, use Outlook, Gmail or whatever email program you're use on a daily basis. Its not limited just to your computer, you can also use your smart phone. Simply put the fax number in the "To" line and drop your pdf, Word files or other docuements in the email and press send. The fax will arrive with all its pages on your clients fax machine.

Receiving internet faxes is far more secure. When a client or vendor send you a fax to that same fax number that you've always had, the fax will appear as an email in your email inbox as an email with a pdf attachment. It keep confidential faxes off of common fax machines and it saves paper. If you need to share the fax, simply forward it like any other email.

Where ever you are, you can now send and receive faxes from both your laptop and your smart phone. Respond to clients faster and stay on to of requests.

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