Our videophone is a telephone with a video screen that is capable of full duplex (bi-directional) video and audio transmissions for communication between people in real-time. This product is ideally suited for one-on-one visual communication—whether between business colleagues or between family members —who want to stay in touch in a visual way. Successful video transmission requires access to high quality broadband services. Videophones are also particularly useful for deaf and speech-impaired persons who rely on sign language or require video relay services to hearing persons. Videophones are also very useful to those with mobility issues or those located in distant places. Our products provide excellent solutions for tele-medical and remote education environments. For examples of the equipment associated with this service, visit the sites of one of our partners: Grandstream or Polycom

Our video softphone delivers the same service as the video phone except you can access the service through your computer or your mobile device. All you need to do is download our free tool which will allow you to make calls through your computer. You can call anyone anywhere via the internet. You can call someone who will answer on their computer or mobile device or you can even call an “old fashioned” phone. If you connect an webcam (available in any technology retail store) you can visually stay in touch with family and friends or business colleagues. View a list of our services on the right.

Corporate Caller Video Conferencing Features

Our video conferencing tool dramatically expands the ability of our business customers to participate in mass communication with all their customers, employees or constituents. Our Corporate Caller product provides real-time mass communication for all your constituents—whether business, employees, shareholders or any affinity market without regard to where they reside in the world. Corporate Caller offers both Audio and Video Webcasting features that work in conjunction with your Corporate Caller meeting.

To conduct a Corporate Caller meeting, all that is needed is a telephone line and a computer with internet connection. Corporate Caller utilizes a patented mass automated variable speed dialing system with a voice over IP (Internet Protocol) connection to dial out to thousands of phone numbers from a pre-selected list at a fraction of the cost of other forms of communication.

Conducting a Corporate Caller Event. On the day of the event, you will receive a Control Sheet with detailed instructions for conducting the Corporate Caller Event. The Control Sheet will include a unique ID and password for you to login to a simple web interface used to control the event through your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). In addition, the Control Sheet will provide you with the contact information for your operator and the member of the Corporate Caller staff who is assigned to initiate the dialing process and monitor your event.

When the event begins, our system will dial out to the list you submitted. Every person who answers the phone will be hear your pre-recorded Introductory Message that functions as an automated operator inviting each called person to remain on the phone to participate in a Corporate Caller with the "star" speaker. Participants will be automatically connected to a live event in progress until the dialing process is complete.

If a participant wishes to pose a question, he/she can press "zero" on his/her phone keypad in order to enter the queue to ask the speaker a question. You can optionally use Call Screeners (members of your staff) who can speak with callers first before placing them in line to talk with the speaker. The speaker will then use the web browser to control the event by "allowing" and "disallowing" participants to ask their questions live on the conference

LIVE Polling Questions: You may configure an unlimited number of customized polling questions prior to your event, which you can pose LIVE to participants during conference. Participants respond to these questions by pressing numbers on their phone keypads that correspond to the answers you have previously configured. Responses by participants are collected and displayed aggregately in real time on the speaker’s web interface and are available for review the following day in your detailed statistics report.

Invite Guest Speakers: Enhance your audience’s experience by inviting any number of guest speakers, star personalities, or experts in a particular field to join your Corporate Caller event from practically anywhere in the world.

Transfer to Live Operator: Allow participants to transfer themselves instantly from the conference to a specialized department, a district office, or a live call center by pressing a button on their phone keypads. Use this feature to collect e-mail addresses, fundraise/accept donations, or to answer participants’ individual case questions too personal to be heard by the entirety of your audience.

Live Audio Web Broadcast: Reach out to younger generations, in particular, who spend significant amounts of their time linked into the World Wide Web. Give interested members of your audience the ability to listen to and participate in your Corporate Caller meeting via an interactive LIVE Audio Web Broadcast of your event.

Live Video Web Broadcast: Add the ultimate personal dimension to your Corporate Caller meeting. Give interested members of your audience the ability to visualize the "star" speaker in a private environment via an interactive LIVE Video Web broadcast of your event.

Transfer to Voicemail: At the conclusion of your event, you have the ability to send an email to those participants who do not have an opportunity to ask their questions LIVE during the Corporate Caller event. These personal messages are recorded individually in mp3 format and e-mailed to you after your event with the participant’s name, address, and phone number attached.

Toll Free Inbound Calling: In addition to the outbound dialing of participants, Corporate Caller has the ability to setup a Toll Free Inbound telephone number that may be distributed prior to an event so that recipients of this number can dial in to participate in the Corporate Caller conference.

Staff Chat: Various members of the speaker’s staff (i.e. the speaker, screeners, & observers) can communicate in real time via a chat feature built into the Corporate Caller computer interface.

Digital Event Recording: All Corporate Caller Events are recorded digitally for quality assurance purposes and are available for download FREE of charge after each event. You can use this file to review the event the following day or make it available for download through your website. Some clients turn this recording into a "podcast" and allow interested parties to be notified when a new Corporate Caller audio file has been made available for download.

Companion Line: Every event is assigned a phone number and extension to allow staff members, press, and other VIPs to listen to the event.

Instant Reporting: After each Corporate Caller Event, the host will be sent an easy-to-read, detailed report, which includes both the individual statistics for each called party dialed, as well as the aggregate statistics for the Corporate Caller Event as a whole.

Corporate Caller Follow-Up Mailing: You can send a personalized follow-up mailing the next day to interested participants from your Corporate Caller Event.

"Helia has been fabulous for us as a company. We have used them on five different projects now, and I am extremely impressed not only with the quality of the deliverables, but in some ways more importantly their can-do attitude and ability to implement our ideas when others thought them impossible.

I recommend them whole heartedly. Helia Technologies is a company that over-delivers on every aspect of the project at hand at a price point that is hard to beat.

Please email me if you have any questions about Helia Technologies."

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His thought processes is methodical and detailed, approach is ethical and professional and solutions driven. He deliverers what he said he would, on time and on budget.

I would not hesitate to recommend Helia and Darvin for any scale of IT related projects. If he takes a project on he will not only do it but do it very well!"

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